Eye Am presents... Wonder Women

Eye Am Screening
July 1st 7pm at:
The Women’s Building
373 Central Avenue
Albany, NY 12206

Eye Am: Women Behind the Lens presents…. “Wonder Women” with films by:
Zulma Aguiar
Vanessa Woods
M. Weimer
Oriana Fox
Annie Novak & Alexis Powell
Holly Clark
Naomi White
Monique Flynn
Sabrina Cardenales
Natalie Halpern
Total program run-time 60 minutes

DAILY PRACTICE by Naomi White (excerpt), 2006
Through the repetition of various everyday routines, we create images of ourselves. In Daily Practice, I employ video to explore issues of balance—the earnest and healthy desires for growth versus rituals that perhaps go too far, and instead consume our identities. Does 'practice' improve who we are, or diminish our reality and sense of self? When do repetition and imitation become obsession, and how do we gauge when a practice that may have once been beneficial has become destructive? By depicting different aspects of ritual /obsession this work investigates how the need to change ourselves can elevate ordinary practices into transformative spells in the drive to become something 'more.' Through imitation, conditioning and practice these characters attempt to create new instinctual behaviors through which they come to understand themselves and their world.

THE JUAREZ MOTHERS by Zulma Aguiar, 2006
Zulma Aguiar is an Electronic Artist originally from Calexico, California in search of "the truth" behind the Ciudad Juarez femicides. She discovers that the only reality she cared about in the end was the stories of the mothers of the femicide victims. Zulma interviewed as many mothers as she could with all of her own personal resources and the support of her university, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and traveled to Juarez several times to meet face to face with the realities of the feminine ground zero. The mothers explain the story one more time and makes the point that in the end the reason why these women are being killed and left to die is simply because they are poor. In the faces of the mothers is where corruption and negligence is expressed with pain and sorrow for their own loss.

UPSTATE GIRLS SCRAPBOOKS by Sabrina Cardenales & Monique Flynn (local filmmakers), 2011
"Upstate Girls" share stories about the challenges in their lives, and the institutions with which they are entwined—including the legal, educational, healthcare and penal systems. Monique & Sabrina’s scrapbook videos are a piece of the story of the young women of Troy and these videos will be archived in the Rensselaer County Historical Society Archives.

THE TOUCH by Vanessa Woods, 2006
A meditation on Anne Sexton’s poem of the same name. The film examines melodies within spoken, written and visual language and how they can interact. By juxtaposing text, image and sound, the viewer is asked to contemplate disparate forms of human response and emotion regarding language and imagery. In The Touch, the text from the poem is first given life through single-frame animation, then layered audio recording and finally through animated visuals that reinterpret it. Language and image investigate feelings of disembodiment, isolation and absence punctuated by sound and silence. Because the subject of the poem deals specifically with the idea of touch, the film sustains a highly tactile, textural quality wherein the filmmaker’s hand is overtly present.

Most people have never heard of Nella Larsen, a mixed-race Harlem Renaissance writer, whose career was brilliant but tragically brief. Recently, an increasing amount of scholarly attention has been given to Larsen's work yet there exists a frustrating lack of visual documentation on her life. This video essay/experimental short montages the few existing archival photographs of the writer with contemporaneous found footage. It attempts to introduce this groundbreaking writer to new audiences while reimagining the life of a mysterious woman whose life mirrored her art in its liminality.

NARCISSIUS by Oriana Fox, 2003
Tale of Narcissus is the second in the series of videos in which I have set the words of the popular TV series Sex and The City into the mouths of 1970s feminists, all of whom are played by myself. In this mini-episode Samantha has nude photographs taken in which she poses with chewing-gum vulvas on her body, a gesture mimicking that of the artist, Hannah Wilke.

WE CAN SPREAD THE MESSAGE by Holly Clark (local filmmaker), 2010
Created in the “Trojan Herstories Digital Storytelling Workshop” funded by Holding Our Own, an audio/video oral history project designed to raise awareness about the disfranchisement of women; involving participants in the representation of their communities. This video is Holly’s portrait of CLUW (Coalition of Labor Union Women). For more info visit: www.mediasanctuary.org/node/1916 www.cluw.org

OUR HOPE by Natalie Halpern, 2006
In the villages of western Kenya, AIDS has robbed hundreds of thousands of children of their parents. Who's caring for them? Tumaini Letu (Our Hope) follows the lives, struggles, and indomitable spirit of three women left to care for these orphans. Rasoa Kivairu is raising ten grandchildren. Anna Khautu is a single mother of five. And Anna Aredo has taken in four nephews. With limited resources but great resolve, they must overcome many challenges to ensure these children have a chance at a better future.

WEE DARK HOURS by Annie Novak & Alexis Powell, 2007
A stop motion animation about a mother's love, a singing moon and
stars and the magic of being born. Short and sweet and made with felt!


ANOTHER EXPERIMENT by WOMEN curated by Lili White June 15 @ 7:15 PM— join us after the show at WHITE RABBIT 145 E Houston (between 1st & 2nd AVE)

EYE:AM http://www.eyeamvideo.blogspot.com/ presents Women's Night at NEW FILMMAKERS —
ANOTHER EXPERIMENT by WOMEN curated by Lili White
June 15 @ 7:15 PM— join us after the show at WHITE RABBIT 145 E Houston (between 1st & 2nd AVE)

CALL & RESPONSE; Ellen Lake; 3.30; 16mm / cell phone/digi
Vintage 16 mm film home movies from the late 1930s/early 40s combines with cell phone and digital media today to explore ideas about the evolution of technology, the relationship between past and present, and the perception of time and memory.

OPAL; Cara Marisa Deleon; 3.30; digi
An experimental nursery rhyme explores gender and power.
TILL THERE WAS YOU; Baba Hillman; 7.30; super8 to digi
Performers:Laura Diaz del Corral, Baba Hillman; Camera: Léna Rouxel, Fernando de Azevedo,
Baba Hillman; Music: Columb Farrelly.
I don’t know where my steps lead. But I am here through you, through my love for your eyes.

NEVER TOO LATE; Wendy Weinberg; 7.40; digi
Using images from vintage films and classic TV and replacing the soundtrack with contemporary dialogue, "Never Too Late" tells the story of two hotel maids who have lived together in San Francisco for 25 years. When the California courts grant same-sex couples the right to marry,
Stella and Rosie decide it’s time to tie the knot. But before they can hire a florist, Prop 8 is passed.
Must they head east in search of equality?

A performance art video that critiques the exploitation of the female face in popular body genre films (pornography, melodrama, horror) and the role women have been burdened with in cinematic history as the sole bearer of emotion.

DINNER FOR 4; Ariane Loze; 7.00; digi
MÔWN (Movies on my own) is a series in which Loze plays with our reflex to interpret images and to associate them to create a coherent narrative. In these shorts, Loze plays all the parts, and she is also the director, the camerawoman, the scenarist and the editor. The edit constructs a relationship between 2 or more different characters and the architecture that surrounds them. By reducing the means to a minimum, one actress and a camera, the artifices of filmmaking become more visible and the spectator has to use his/her imagination to construct the story and to overcome the artificiality of this recomposed image of reality—Three women sitting around a dinner table, waiting.The atmosphere is tensed. The fourth one arrives, she will be the only one to eat, the others will observe her. Between these four women, a silent conflict develops and the gestures of each of them are judged by the others. Feelings of mistrust and anxiety grow. The outcome surprises them all.

PRICKTIC ; Hilda Daniel ; 0.51; digi
A nervous tic, a sinister twitch, a butterfly, beermat and desire edge inside a woolly slit of fluttering violence. In PRICKTIC, pressed seduction teeters and is dragged into a covert drama played out in non-verbal sound. The wrenching of audio clip and image from their original form into distressed violence is echoed in the narrative.

SEGMENT 38:07; Hilda Daniel; 0.38; digi
Experimental entomology, phonology-linguistics, power, abuse and sex in 38 seconds or less. In SEGMENT, I have taken a small bit of archival footage (a children’s science film from the great Prelinger Archive online) and, reprocessing sound from aged film and record, exposed an overlooked narrative from the original film and restructured a new narrative thread which may have broader implications.

HONEY BED; Syni Pappa; 4.08; Super 8
Honey Bed is an intimate portrayal of femininity and the act of subversion in the post modern times of depression. The film was shot in one Super 8 film cartridge with no retakes.
WEB: perfect-noise.tumblr; myspace/synipappa; dailymotion.comTHE_Real_Syni_Pappa

MILLING THE LIGHTS; Jelena Maksimovic; 15.50; digi
Lights, bodies, movements. Love story filmed by a broken web camera.

juried by Lili White (http://liliwhite.com)

is looking for experimental shorts made by WOMEN that present your own vision of movie making —we want to see something different and unique-- challenge us to rethink what “experimental” means on your terms...By “film” we mean a moving image, made with any media, that presents some kind of transfor-mative action or thought. Preference will be given to short works around 3 minutes long (due to time), and local filmmakers. We are hoping to forge a yearly event and are looking for volunteer participation to help with logo design, and other tasks...
Different screenings will take place in New York City at MEDIA NOCHE Gallery in October and at NYC's premiere screening theatre, MILLENNIUM FILM WORKSHOP in November 2011.
Accepted works will be screened on their original media (tape, film, or or DVD) if funds are available to cover the costs incurred.
NO FEE. Submit an online link or DVD. Must be Region 1, NTSC. Please no PAL discs.
All sent material will not be returned.
If your movie is not in English please provide subtitle if necessary.
POSTMARK DEADLINE: August 13, 2011-- we encourage early submission.
Each submitted work has to be labeled specifying title, artist and running time, and along with both a printed and e-mailed entry form. Upon mailing the e-mail form, the snail mail address will be sent