September 2nd Eye Am Episode 12

Eye Am: Women Behind the Lens is a short film series showcasing women's memoir spanning across all genres of film and video.

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This episode is a web of video poems, narrative film, video art, documentary, and stop motion animation! Tune in for the work of Devorah Hill, Nancy Montuori Stein, Kim Hall, Natalia Surmiak, Sofia Hericson, Sarah Friedland, Vanessa Woods, Penny Lane, and Annie Novak & Alexis Powell of Meerkat Media Collective.

Episode Breakdown

I Love You
This photo essay discovers love and respect among three generations of women in one family.

Filmmaker Biography
DEVORAH HILL currently teaches video editing at MNN, Manhattan's public access television center and lives in Brooklyn. She is also a self-taught, erotic illustrator who began her journey by lending her talents to friends when their romantic exploits needed assistance. Over the years, through discreet word of mouth, her work has been solicited and collected. Where Cyrano utilized words to conjure images Devorah uses images to convey the lyricism of Jean Toomer, the intimacy of Zora Neal Hurston and the eroticism of James Baldwin, Audre Lorde, Sidonie-Cabrielle Collete and Anise Nin.

Stealing Innocence
A gripping portrayal of the ongoing hostilities in the Middle East seen though the eyes of two girls – Rachel and Ayat. Rachel and Ayat are best friends even though one is Israelu and one is Palestinian. Unfortunately events spin out of control, testing their friednship to destruction. This is tragedy that leaves its victims without dignity and hope, and gives human dimension to the violence in the Middle East.

Filmmaker Biography
Nancy Montuori Stein started making films in 2002 after she quit her career of many years as an executive in the music business where she worked with big name artists such as Joni Mitchell and REM. Always passionate about social issues, Nancy immediately began producing and directing the award winning short narrative film, 'Stealing Innocence”, a story about a special friendship in the Middle East between two young girls. The film has been screened in over 100 film festivals and has won 20 awards and was featured in the Los Angeles Times Calendar section. In 2004, Stein finished shooting a documentary short “Joey” on children growing up amid gangs and violence in South Los Angeles which is currently screening in film festivals all of the world. Nancy is currently producing commercials and documentaries for MTV, ESPN, and PBS, and is directing her first feature film “All Ages Night” a music driven teen comedy about the independent rock scene. Nancy's company, American Girl Productions just launched a full service multimedia company that creates unique content for handheld devices including live music video podcasts and mobile shows.

Picture Book
Old pictures of sorority girls and beauty queens come to life in this short documentary exploring gender and representation in the pages of archival yearbooks. Hearing stories and reflections of life in the mid 1950's at the University of Texas, we discover who these women were beyond their beauty and poise.

Filmmaker Biography
KIM HALL is originally from Santa Cruz, CA, Kim made her first documentary about low rider bicycle builders when she was 16 years old. After receiving her B.A. in Theatre from Smith College in 2001, she moved to New York and began working in film programming at Film Forum. She continued on to work as an educator in community and youth media at organizations such as Educational Alliance, Global Action Project and Manhattan Neighborhood Network. Currently Kim is pursuing her MFA in film production at the University of Texas at Austin.

Everybody Loves Lucy
Lucy runs a dive bar in New York City's East Village. She is a legend and an idol to those who have known and respected her for years. Behind her smile though, there are worries and hopes and questions that no customer would ever think to ask.

Filmmaker Biography
NATALIA SURMIAK was born 1978, in Poland. In 2002, graduated from Jagiellonian University in Cracow with M.A. in Film Studies. In 2005 completed TV and Film Directing at Krzysztof Kieslowski Radio + TV Dept of University of Silesia. In 2004, together with 4 other young directors, made a debut as director for Polish National TV, with SCENES FROM WARSAW UPRISING.

My Woollen Scarf
'Saudade” - Portuguese word for the feeling of missing something or someone. IN times of sadness we can only turn to Mother Nature and embrace the warmth of her love. My Woollen Scarf is a film about losses, finding, happiness, and love; it's the return to our origins looking for our place in the World.

Filmmaker Biography
SOFIA HERICSON was born in 1983 in Espinho, Portugal and attended the Cine-video course at Escola Superior de Artes do Porto in Portugal. After struggling as a creative person rather than a technical one, she decided to come to England where she could grow artistiacally and enrolled in Moving Image BA at UCLan. Since 2005, Sofia has directed four short films and worked in various areas of the film field. “My Woolen Scarf” was nominated for Carolina Hererra's National Film and Television School's 212 Innovation Awards in November 2006. She is currently co-directing two shorts films with two directors from Northwest England.

Breath on the Mirror (Souffle Sur le Miroir)
Explores the notion of reflexivity, of the dream as a fundamental reflection of the internal. The mirror reflection is the paradigm of an imaginary order. The labyrinth of images in Breath on the Mirror pus the idea of how varied human dreams are, seeking to conflate the space between lived reality and dream; or what is real (breath) and what is a reflection (the mirror).

Filmmaker Biography
New York based filmmaker, SARAH FRIEDLAND received her BA from Sarah Lawrence College in 2003 where she studied film and sociology. She also attended the International School o Film and Televisio in San Antonio de los Banoes, Cuba. She has worked as an editor with several filmmakers in the New York area to produce socially minded and creative films. Among other projects, she was principal editor on the award- winning documentary, Free to Fly US/Cuba Link by Estella Bravo. She also worked as an assistant editor on the Emmy nominated film “The Life and Times of Frida Kahlo” by Amy Stechler. Friedland's work have been screened in many venues including MOMA and the Biennale of the Caribbean among others. Friedland is currently working on a feature length documentary which follows two HIV+ women in rural South Africa, their families and their struggles to survive in the midst of and unspoken epidemic.

VANESSA WOODS graduated with a BA in art history and visual arts, cum laude from Barnard College. Her artwork and films have been exhibited internationally and she has been the recipient of numerous awards including a Murphy and Cadogan Fellowship for Film, a Film Arts Foundation Personal Works Grant, and the San Francisco Art Institute’s prestigious MFA Film Fellowship, where she is currently pursuing her MFA degree. Woods has produced five short films that have been screened internationally including the Centre International d’Art in France, The Anthology Film Archives in New York, and the Pacific Film Archives in Berkeley. Woods is currently working on three new films, including a feature-length documentary titled Mimita, which follows the lives of a family of women raising their adopted child in Bronx, New York.

She used to see him most weekends
A short story about growing up, a certain love song, and the apocryphal memories of childhood. Simple animations create a picture book whose story is scrambled by time and loss.

Filmmaker Biography
PENNY LANE is an independent filmmaker and video artist living in western Massachusetts. Her collaborative and solo experimental, narrative and documentary videos have screened at AFI FEST, Int'l Film Festival Rotterdam, San Francisco Int'l Film Festival, Seattle Int'l Film Festival, Women in the Director's Chair, Santa Fe Art Institute, MOMA, and DUMBO Art Under the Bridge. Her award-winning documentaries The Abortion Diaries and Independent Media in a Time of War (the latter made with Hudson-Mohawk Indymedia) are regularly screened in classrooms, community centers and microcinemas across the U.S. and internationally on Free Speech TV. The Abortion Diaries has screened in 37 states at over 170 different community venues, ranging from bars to art centers to clinics to colleges. She earned her MFA in Integrated Electronic Arts at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and her BA in American Culture at Vassar College. Currently she is a visiting assistant professor of video and new media at Hampshire College and is working on an experimental documentary about a Depression-era madam with support from the LEF Moving Images Fund and the Experimental Television Center. And yes, that is her real name.

Wee Dark Hours
A stop motion animation about a mother's love, a singing moon and
stars and the magic of being born. Short and sweet and made with felt!

Filmmaker Biography
ANNIE NOVAK & ALEXIS POWELL are both member of the Meerkat Media Collective. Annie Novak is an artist, farmer, and adventurer who is teaching folks across the globe the importance of local farming and a field-to-fork philosophy. Alexis Powell is a member of the Meerkat Media Collective, an arts collective dedicated to non-hierarchical art-making, and is also a member of the band festival. Together they are superheroes.

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