January 6th 2008 Episode 14

Happy New Year from Eye AM~

Eye Am: Women Behind the Lens is a short film series showcasing women's memoir spanning across all genres of film and video.

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Tune in January 6th for the work of Kim Khielhofner, Lili White, Diane Spodarek, & Katarina Maloney.

Episode Breakdown:

Hail the Failure of Urban Planning (2007) 2:07 min.
A possibility of creation and constraint through a visual movement as an urban dweller. Accompanying the visual movement is a text of tenets of urban practice, both sincere and ironic.

Kim Khielhofner is an artist living and working in Montreal. She works across the mediums of video, drawing, installation, and sound. She has produced over 30 art book editions and exhibited across Europe and North America.

Sailing the Byzantium (2007) 11:54 min.
Simultaneously in the two grand-mother lands at once — a Slovenian town square at sunset, and rummaging through the other grandmother’s forgotten property in Ireland.
The title is taken from Yeats’ poem; whereby he muses on how immortality, art, and the human spirit may converge, while journeying to Byzantium. He describes the metaphorical journey of an artist pursuing his own vision of eternal life.

Lili White has been exhibiting her works in solo and group shows in the United States and abroad since before moving to New York. In Philadelphia she received at B.F.A. from the University of Pennsylvania and graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts with a four-year painting certificate. Her interest in the moving image and multimedia, lead her to perform, write, produce, direct several live multi-media pieces, each of which included the performance participation of over a dozen actors, poets and dancers. Upon the introduction of computer digital editing programs, she made several videos, that featured her gestural performances as well as others that were based upon poetry and documentary subjects. These are often seen as a continuation of her earlier Super 8 film work and lead to screenings at numerous cultural centers, including the American Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, the Museum of American Art in Philadelphia and The Newhouse Center in Staten Island, New York.

Dreaming New Zealand (2006) 3:03
In a dreamy realm suspended somewhere between her childhood Ontario residence and her new found dwelling in New Zealand, Diane ponders her connections to time, marriage, mother-daughter bonds, the sea, and home.

Diane Spodarek
Diane is a Canadian-American artist who grew up in Detroit. She moved to New York in 1983 and has been living in NY and New Zealand since June, 2005. Each Summer she returns to Belle River, Ontario to be with her family. Diane is an award-winning artist, writer and playwright. Also a performer she has performed her own one-person shows as well as acted in various off-off Broadway productions and independent films. As a visual artist Diane has collaborated with Jay Yager since 1983 creating original video art productions for which she performs and writes. Many of these productions have won awards in international festivals and are owned in various public and private collections.

Cambubu (2004) 32 minutes
A personal portrayal of the artist's 8 month journey
throughout India at the age of 20. she went there seeking the exotic
and instead found celebrity and loneliness, but most importantly,
love. shot randomly at inspired moments, the film is the story of "her

Katarina Maloney considers herself a seeker and world traveler.
continuously fascinated by the foreign and new, she is always looking
for interesting ways of connecting with others and expressing herself.
she moved to nyc right after graduating from uc berkeley. all of her
short films are viewable at