October 12th 2010

EYE AM: ANOTHER EXPERIMENT by WOMEN--- juried by Lili White

Eye Am: Women Behind the Lens-- www.eyeamvideo.blogspot.com -- is a screening series celebrating experimental, memoir, and documentary film by women. Eye Am's current home at Anthology Film Archives in New York City.

Special show, Curated by Lili White -- www.liliwhite.com -- for WOMEN's short movies that present their own personal vision of experimental movie making.

FONCTION PANORAMA LG KU990 — Caroline Bernard © 2009 video TRT- 5.48;
from: Migratory Project, with Michiko Tsuda, and Damien Guichard http://lilirangelechat.com/index.html
Poetic ribbon made by a succession of panoramas. The film time is produced by the scrolling image. The past goes out by the left of the image, whereas the future enters by the right. It's also a kind of timeline, the timeline of life, of feelings, feelings trapped in time and space, and it's also a metaphor of tired feeling in a love relationship… There is a kind of a loving duet between the cameraman, and the photographed character (it is true because it is me and my spouse). But of course, it's fictional, we are just in symbolical representations.

WHAT COMES BETWEEN — Cecilia Araneda © 2009 S8/16mm/digi; TRT-5.36 http://www.ceciliaaraneda.ca
An examination of personal memory and loss rooted in the filmmaker's birth place – Chile – and her departure from that country long ago. A collage film created with found footage from personal and historic sources, and original hand printed and tinted footage.

THIS KIND OF TOWN — Marcy Saude © 2010 16mm/digi; TRT- 5:30
The frontier mythos of nature vs. civilization plays out against the landscape of a former gold rush boomtown of Ward, Colorado in the Rocky Mountains. Mining structures, abandoned cars, railroad remains; roadside junk sculptures, tie-dye and American flags; sights and sounds of “the West” then and now attempt to answer the question, “what kind of a town is this, anyway?”

LE MONDE EST IMMENSE/(THE WORLD IS VAST) — Muriel Montini ©2008 S8/digi; TRT- 9.05
A summer’s day in the countryside. A woman is sewing. A little girl tries to attrack her attention. A boy appears...A few images from a super 8 movie explored in detail and recomposed with a dramatic end in mind.

YOU CAN SEE THE SUN IN LATE DECEMBER— Sasha Waters Freyer ©2010; 16MM/HD; TRT- 6.40
Beautiful emptiness, anguish and calm, absence rendered visible and traces of presence in the winter light, all intensified by the damned (non) question of maternity. Filming every frigid day in the final month as a strategy for overcoming deflated motivation.

BODILY HEAVENS — Stephanie Wuertz ©2010; digi; TRT- 2.40
A whirl of whorls and dis-astral staccato, BODILY HEAVENS is a frenetic animation created under a microscope that evokes a nostalgia for the intimate sublime.

PARADISE — Noe Kidder ©2010; 16mm/digi; TRT- 10.00, Music by Chris Becker. http://noekidder.blogspot.com
Filmed between 2005-2007 on location in Lisbon, Kauai and at Catwalk Artist Residency in Catskill, NY. By using a kind of home-made optical printing technique and overlapping layers of sound, text and image in the edit, I wanted to experiment with abstraction in a way that would challenge the viewer as well as my own experience of loss.

THE DAUGHTER REMEMBERS TO FORGET — Sara Strahan ©2010; score: Melissa Grey; S8/ 16MM/ digi; TRT- 3.36
Home movies, found footage and hand-made elements are used to explore the complex mechanisms of perception, memory and recollection. Memory is not a conscious recollection of narrative, but textured and interspersed with media and non-linear traces of recollection that always result in an updated output of the past. Does this conception of memory imply a potential for re-making our own stories? Can the daughter forget to remember, or remember to forget?

5 LESSONS & 9 QUESTIONS ABOUT CHINATOWN — Shelly Silver © 2010; digi;
TRT- 10.00 http://www.5lessonsmovie.com
You live somewhere, walk down the same street … taking in fragments, but never fully register THE PLACE. Years, decades go by ... A building comes down, and before the next one is up you ask ‘what used to be there?’… since the 19th century, wave after wave of inhabitants have moved through and transformed these alleyways, tenements, stoops and shops…past, present, future, time…immigration, exclusion, gentrification, racism, history, China, America… 9 questions, 5 lessons, Chinatown


7:15-8:30pm (including q & a with Giovanna and local actors) www.g6pictures.com

* The Works of Giovanna Chesler featuring the New York Premiere of "Bye Bi Love"

7:15pm BeauteouS: The Trilogy

Three portraits of three sisters and their relationships to beauty, including a campy fiction piece, a B&W experimental narrative and an abstract documentary portrait.

In Part 1 - BeauteouS - Chesler draws from her middle sister to construct the character Donatella, a Long Island beauty queen who realizes that she is more than just a pretty face. In the days leading up to her senior prom, where she has been nominated for prom queen, Donatella searches for herself in confusing and claustrophobic spaces: a Born Again Virgin meeting, her delinquent boyfriend’s hot rod, the dysfunctional dinner table, a Long Island mall, and finally, to the prom. Throughout her journey, Donatella finds refuge from these plastic surroundings in a poetic space of her own imagination where she freely expresses herself and her desires for Mina, a girl in her English class.

BeauteouS: Giovanna, the second part of the trilogy, focuses on the filmmaker, the oldest sister. In this film Giovanna presents the many ways she sees and understands her body. To do so she fragments parts of herself in grotesque and beautiful ways. The soundtrack contributes to the telling and retelling of the body.

Part 3 - BeauteouS: Stephanie is the documentary portrait of a the youngest sister who recounts the endless surgeries she endured to transform her disfigured face. Her reflection reveals beauty standards which may have required these surgeries. The film is crafted through interviews with Stephanie where she recounts her experience in school and in the hospital. Images avoid her face, focusing instead on abstract representations of beauty and her past.

*************** NEW YORK PREMIERE PRESENTATION **********************

"Bye Bi Love"
"How do you open an invitation to the wedding of your ex-girlfriend?" As Vera (Allison Findlater-Galinsky) asks this question, a calligraphed envelope lands with a thud. Her present girlfriend, Carla (Tisa Key), responds, "With your teeth." So opens Bye Bi Love, a short fiction film that doubles as a study of objects and their attendant memory. As Vera conjures her previous relationships over one sleepless night -- be they with her ex-husband Craig (Tobin Tyler) or with her ex-girlfriend, Felicia (Tatiana Dellepiane) -- that bygone time moves fluidly and impressionistically. Vera's memories of ex-lovers are evoked by the objects they bring with them, as they both enter into and depart from her home.

Relating to relationships both gay and straight, either legally recognized or else banned by the legislative state, Bye Bi Love bypasses the standard controversies of the matter to consider the very real trappings of marriage and relationships. We are left to ponder whether or not we ever let go of past loves so that we may truly embrace the present.

Shot by the renowned cinematographer Ann T. Rossetti (By Hook or By Crook, Go Fish) and art directed by Jessica Ennis, Bye Bi Love is a sumptuous film.

Director, Producer, Screenplay, Editor - Giovanna Chesler
Starring - Allison Findlater-Galinsky
Co-Starring: Tatiana Dellepiane as Felicia,
Tisa Key as Carla & Tobin Tyler as Craig
Cinematography - Ann T. Rossetti
Casting Director - Katherine Hinchey
Sound Design - Allison Jackson
Music Composer - Ko Seungyeon
Production Deisgn - Jessica Ennis
Artwork - Pascal Folly
Trailer - Gina Tolentino



EYE AM: Women Behind the Lens — www.eyeamvideo.blogspot.com —is a screening series celebrating experimental, memoir, and documentary film by women. Eye Am's current home at Anthology Film Archives in New York City.
EYE AM will hold a special juried show for WOMEN's short experimental movies: EYE AM: ANOTHER EXPERIMENT by WOMEN.
Looking for experimental shorts made by WOMEN that present your own vision of movie making —we want to see something different and unique-- challenge us to rethink what “experimental” means on your terms...
Accepted works will be screened on DVD format at Anthology Film Archives in New York City on October 13th, 2010.
NO FEE. DVDs must be Region 1, NTSC. Please no PAL discs. If your movie is not in English you should provide subtitles. The sent material will not be returned.
POSTMARK DEADLINE: September 6, 2010-- we encourage early submission.
SENT your short DVDs to: Eye Am: Women Behind the Lens c/o Victoria Kereszi, 167 9th Street, Troy, NY 12180
Each submitted work has to be labeled specifying title, section, director and running time, along with the following entry form:
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