Eye Am Filmmakers Screen At Anthology Film Archives Tuesday November 11th~

still from Breath on The Mirror
(V. Woods & S. Friedland)

6:00PM TUESDAY November 11th, 2008
Curated by Victoria Kereszi
Find full schedule at www.newfilmmakers.com/NewFilmmakers%20Schedule%200810.htm

Featured Filmmakers~
~Emily DeGruchy FRENCH LADIES (2006, 1 Minute, Video)
~Abigail Feldman THE YEAR OF THE CORRESPONDENT (2004, 10 Minutes, 2004)
~Sarah Friedland & Vanessa Woods BREATH ON THE MIRROR (2008, 10 Minutes, Video)
~Oriana Fox OUR BODIES, OURSELVES (2003, 2 Minutes, Video)
~Victoria Kereszi THE DEPARTURE (2008, 4 Minutes, Video)
~Lili White PROVIDING NOURISHMENT (1996, 3 Minutes, Video)
~Vanessa Woods FIVE CENTS A PEEK (2007, 7 Minutes, Video)
~Caroline Koebel HOLE OR SPACE (2006, 3 Minutes, Video)
~Sophie Peer TURNED ON (2006, 6 Minutes, Video)
~Oriana Fox TALE OF NARCISSUS (2003, 5 Minutes, Video)
~Penny Lane & Jessica Bardsley THE WREN (2008, 4 Minutes, Video)
~Hilda Daniel NATURE NATURE (2005, 2 Minutes, Video)
~Devorah Hill I LOVE YOU (2006, 3 Minutes, Video)

still from I love You
(D. Hill)

Please spread the word and join us to celebrate women's film!