March 16, 2011 EYE:AM presents ANOTHER EXPERIMENT by WOMEN

at Anthology Film Archives
curated by Lili White http://www.eyeamvideo.blogspot.com/
PROGRAM 2 - March 16 7:15PM

CAUDA PAVANIS; Carolyn Radlo; 3.35; digi
Above and Below, Side to Side: The whole picture and everything possible. Cauda pavonis means peacock's tail, and in alchemy, it refers to a multicolored point of perfection in the long and magical work of transformation. This film is an experimental alchemical procedure (3 x 3) revealing the true likeness of the omphalos of the American continent, the mountain range we call The Grand Tetons.

RETREAT ; Katya Yakubov; 2009; 8.30; digi
Our acquaintance with Amy and with Tibetan Buddhism is limited to the glimpses of a curious outsider. Fragmenting images and sounds, the film explores and renders a snapshot of a day in the life of a Tibetan Buddhist nun. This is a subjective echo of our experience, being welcomed into a space by the people of Milarepa Center.

ECSTATIC VESSELS; Diane Kitchen; silent; 20.00;16mm @ 24fps
Blaze in the trees Blaze on the brow.
When walking in the deep woods and examining its details in close-up and wide-angle, the surroundings reveal moments that move rapidly. Transformations. The light does not stop changing. The elements nod and sweep and seem to signal to each other. Incidents occur. Spontaneity. Foreground and background, shifting perspectives. A vast scattered array pulls together and with it ideas of trees, wind, sun and relationships.
"All life is being lived.
Who is living it, then?
Is it the things themselves,
or something waiting inside them,
like an unplayed melody in a flute?" --Rainer Marie Rilke, The Book of Hours

CONSIDERING AN EXHIBITION; Marta Renzi; 5.05; digi
A photographer wrestles with his conscience in his small attic studio at night. In a crisis of faith, he keeps returning to his stark black-and-white images for proof that what he does matters. After a bath, image and reality merge into a new beginning.

STILL LIFE: LONDON; Wyllie O Hagan (Denise Wyllie & Clare O. Hagan); 5.37; HD Video/animated still photography http://www.wyllieohagan.com
A quest for stillness in a hectic world made through quiet but voluble domestic vignettes and the abstraction of thought and reflection. One screen reveals a personal collection of still, quiet life objects, beautifully considered and composed, revealed at a reflective pace. The second screen features abstract energetic lines wildly drawn with light.

Documentary and fiction, join fragments of reality from different places and time. Inside a labyrinth of cement cubes, debris and water, humans distracted by the rituals of vacation seem indifferent to the world surrounding them. A veiled woman is searches for a way out.

ICELAND; Fabienne Gautier; 4.09; Super 8 to Digi
Iceland's landscape seemed to reflect a particular internalization of feeling. The piece was shot in B&W super 8 while driving across Iceland in 2004. This work speaks to this internal mind.


Victoria Kereszi
is an artist, photographer, documentary filmmaker, curator, community media organizer, and educator. Victoria has previously worked at Manhattan Neighborhood Network, a flagship community television station, where she was the Director of Programming. In addition to her own video and photographic pursuits, she is the founder and curator of Eye Am: Women Behind the Lens, a women's memoir screening series and traveling festival. In 2003, Victoria received her MA from NYU with a concentration in Documentary Film and Gender Studies. She currently lives in Troy, New York where she makes documentary portraits about elderly women who live against the grain.

Contact info:
Email Address: vkereszi@gmail.com
Website: www.victoriakereszi.net

Lili White,
a graduate of University of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Academy's four-year painting program, has curated several shows of experimental media and fine art works. After serving as a Steering Committee member and Public Relations Chairperson for The Armory Show:1990, a 4 day art show of 400 Philadelphia artists, she moved to NYC where she catalogued DCTV's library. Her installations with video and single channel works screened at several festivals and venues, including Queens' Museum of the Moving Image, Millennium FilmWorkshop, LePetit Versailles, and Jersey City Museum. Her feature, NY(see), premiered at Pioneer Theatre. In 2007 a fundraiser DVD for the NY Film-Makers Cooperative was successfully produced.

Contact info:
Email Address: lili@liliwhite.com
Website: www.liliwhite.com