March 2nd 2008 Episode 16

Eye Am: Women Behind the Lens is a short film series showcasing women's memoir spanning across all genres of film and video.

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Sunday March 2, 2008 Selected works from the 2007 Female Eye Film Festival.

About FeFF~
The Female Eye began in 2001 and celebrates International independent films by women
and is now in its 6th year.

Episode Breakdown~

Dance 2006
A study of choreography and friendship.

Filmmaker Bio:
Natasha is an Italian-Canadian who grew up in the suburbs, north of Toronto. At three years of age, she began and avid study of dance. She later graduated from the Ballet School of Woodbridge and became a certified teacher. Her love of dance was key in the development of many other of her artistic abilities, including painting, acting and writing. High school introduced her to new mediums, when she learned to shoot on 35 mm film and develop her pictures in the darkroom. Natasha was always an avid player in her school’s drama program, and in 2003, when Woodbridge College unveiled a revolutionary new film program, she was able to take her artistic passions to the next level. Two years after the programs initial year, Natasha travelled to Japan with the intentions of creating a short documentary on her travel companions, shot with her digital, hand held video camera. This documentary, entitled “Woodbridge College Invades Japan” was later showcased and viewed by the students, teachers and mayor of Sanjo City in 2005. In 2006, she was given the opportunity to create an experimental film on Super8, a medium she had never previously used. Under the guidance of Edie Stiener, independent film maker, photographer and environmental studies doctorial candidate at York University, Natasha created “Dance”, to be shown at the Female Eye Film festival in Toronto. She later spent a year in Ottawa, studying film and journalism at Carleton University. Natasha is currently completing a Bachelor in English Literature at the University of Toronto.

Beautiful, I guess 2006
A young girl's vision of beauty and all of the contradictions that come with it.

Filmmaker Bio:
Natasha Mariani (Dance) and Suneet Pabla (Beautiful, I guess) were both youth participants in the 2006 Female Eye Film Festival workshop series that gives young women the tools to create their visions in film form.

More Sensitive 35mm 2003
Life threatens to annihilate art as a performer sings his heart out to a less than attentive audience in a bar.

Filmmaker Bio: www.cartoonan.com
Gail Noonan’s life has consisted of a slow westward migration from the east to the west coast of Canada with a sojourn in the middle. She grew up in Nova Scotia , went to art school in Winnipeg and lived there for a number of years as a printmaker. A move to Vancouver prompted her to make a lateral transfer to film animation after a compressed two years of study at the Emily Carr Institute. She abandoned the city a number of years ago to live on Mayne Island, a move that has allowed her to focus on making her films. "More Sensitive" is the latest of seven animated films produced so far. Along with filmmaking Gail has also programmed animation screenings and taught various aspects of film animation. Currently she is exploring a new interest in songwriting combined with experimental animation.

Scoff 2006, 9mins by Renee Webster
A rural woman breaks out of isolation and finds herself in a familiar place.

Beyond the Pearly Gates of Ill Repute 2006, 9mins. Super 8mm
An innocent young girl rents a room in a shady boarding house only to discover she is being held prisoner in a brothel! When her cash runs out, the callous Madame forces her to pay her rent by catering to the needs of her insalubrious clientele. The pious girl tries to defend her purity by exploiting the religious eccentricities of her customers... but will Jesus forgive her ultimate sin?

Filmmaker Bios:
Montréal born Elza Kephart graduated in Film Production from Emerson College in 1998. She then returned to her hometown where she wrote and directed her first feature GRAVEYARD ALIVE - A ZOMBIE NURSE IN LOVE, produced by Bastard Amber Productions. Since its premiere in 2003 the film has screened in over 20 international film festivals and garnered numerous awards, as well as being picked up for distribution and international sales. She is currently developing several feature projects.

Born in Chicago, Elizabeth Lawrence graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelors degree in film and video production. She has since been consistently working on both studio films and independent productions both in the Us and Canada. She has assisted the CEO of Lakeshore Entertainment on The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Underworld Evolution, The Last Kiss, and The Covenant. She has also coordinated, production managed and line produced several films including Boricua, Torte Bluma, The 5:22, Kosmos, among others. She has written and directed numerous shorts, including the award-winning Nightmarecrawlers. She is currently finishing a musical documentary.

Mrs. William Dixon 2001, 8:37 mins.
A housewife's intense fears are confronted at a simple dinner party.

Filmmaker Bio:
Elizabeth Edwards grew up in San Antonio, Texas then moved to New York City to attend college at Columbia University. She was a member of Choreotectonics, a professional dance company in Manhattan, and choreographed works for the Barnard College Dance Department. She won the Monticello Choreography award from Dance Magazine and her work was selected to attend the National College Dance Festival. She graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Film and Dance from Columbia before moving across the country to attend USC graduate film school. Elizabeth’s thesis film Mrs. William Dixon played at over a dozen film festivals including Deauville, Cinema Jove and the Houston International Film festival where it won the platinum award. Elizabeth also edited the award winning documentary Free a Man to Fight! Women Soldiers of World War II for the History Channel, feature films The Graffiti Artist and Eban and Charley and numerous reality television shows. While editing she started writing her the psychological thriller Hysteria. An early draft earned her a staff writing job on Fox Television’s “Rules of Deception.” After writing eight one hour episodes, Elizabeth completed Hysteria where it found its home with High Treason Productions. It is scheduled to go into production in 2008. Elizabeth is a mentor for the Young Storyteller’s Program which matches screenwriters with elementary school children from Los Angeles public schools. She has been a big sister in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program for six years.

The Barrows 2006, 10:06 mins.
A timeless love story in an unexpected place.

Filmmaker Bio: Tori Garrett

Rock Garden: A Love Story 2007, 10:27 mins.
A Story about a lonely farmer named Ugg whose rocks are his pride and joy. Amidst a landscape of grey fields, he wakes with the sun to tend to them. Every evening he sits at home with his best ones and cleans them. Life is perfect - til Farmer Ugg meets his neighbour farmer Merr. He too wants to be a good farmer and plants his own rocks. The two men compete, side by side. until Farmer Ugg walks into his field one morning and finds a little red flower. And suddenly both men are transformed. Ands two men who were enemies finds themselves doing a slow waltz into the sunset.

Filmmaker Bio: www.rockgardenfilm.com
Born in Seoul, Korea, Gloria U. Y. Kim emigrated to Canada when she was three years old. Soon after graduating from the University of Toronto with her degree in English literature, she has written for Maclean’s as well as worked for such magazines as National Post Business, Report on Business, Canadian Living, Chatelaine and Canadian Business. Gloria found her true love when she started attending Ryerson for film. She has just completed her short film Rock Garden: A Love Story, which has been described by Oscar-nominated director Atom Egoyan as “absolutely beautiful” and “stunning”.Link