August 5th Eye Am Episode 11

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Episode 11 August 5th @ 9:30pm: The works of Esther May Campbell

TRIPTYCH of short shorts (On Ice, In the Dark, and Mum) were written as a bouncy, funny, sad triptych that used dramatic irony in voice over and lyrical film making to create small narratives with big emotions. The stories were devised using real testimonials of young girls and teens posted online on the BBC’s website www.bbc.co.uk/slink.

Explores grief in a lyrical short film. Sangeeta has traveled to be with her husband in England; on arrival she discovers that he has taken a lover. Betrayed and alone in an alien world, she struggles against barriers of language and cultue. Finally retreating into memories of India, increasingly distanced from the world around her she relives a past in the hope of changing her fate. This is a film saturated with colour, allusion and a haunting sound design. Sad and happy memory dreams filter into the raw melodrama of the present.

Girl Tactics
A documentary about an all girls football team in Bristol’s Southmead Estate.

One day, a familiar face from long ago walks into Pam's hair salon. It's her old schoolmate, Debbie, who still sports the long golden hair she had as a child – and still looks remarkably like the same Debbie who used to humiliate Pam in the playground. The question is, will Pam still hold a grudge?

Charley Harry's Wondrous Nothing
A portrait of a memory, where the past is briefly present. Nestling in the sand dunes and long grass is a dilapidated caravan, within which a young boy's ghost contemplates the stars and his relationship to them. The wind blows ad the sea laps at the shore as time is gently eroded.

Filmmaker Biography
Esther May Campbell worked in theater and as a photographer before moving into film and television. Early credits include dirty, low budget music videos for the Oil Factory and Sony Records, health and safety videos for and about randy sailors, hard hitting sex ed films in South Wales' valleys and documenting an all girls football team in Bristol's Southmead Estate. Her shorts have been commissioned by or received funding from various film councils and television stations in the UK. With experience ranging from directing full 35mm drama productions to digital shotting and editing herself, Esther's captivating cinematic life affirming stories tell of lost souls, tragic lovers, abandonned children, day dreamers and door slammers – raw celluloid magic. Esther continues to direct soaps, is working on her first feature, and has recently been selected to for the WOMEN IN FILM mentoring award. Her aim is to create a unique cinematic vision, pushing formal cinematic boundaries and bringing her own peculiar take on contemporary characters and landscapes.

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~September 2nd @ 9:30pm: The work of Penny Lane, Sofia Hericson, Devorah Hill, Natalia Surnmiak, Nancy Montuoristein, Kim Hall, Eliza Jane Curtis, Naomi White, and Alexis Powell & Annie Novak of The Meerkat Media Collective.

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