EA Program Featured at the 2008 Female Eye Film Festival

Saturday March 29th 2008
Canada Square Cinemas, 2190 Yonge Street, Concourse Level, (Yonge & Eglinton) Toronto

*52 Bis 2006 minidv/super8, experimental, 1:55 min.
Filmed at my grandmother's house in Paris, France 52 Bis leads the viewer through a house of memories, empty rooms, photographs that have been left behind and one light illuminating and obscuring what's inside. The continual shift between the positive and negative image serve to exploit the idea of presence and absence, or alternately the internal and external. The negative images become the bones of the house, or the bones of memory within its continually shifting spaces.

Filmmaker Bio: www.vanessawoods.com
Vanessa Woods graduated with a BA in art history and visual arts, cum laude from Barnard College. Her artwork and films have been exhibited internationally and she has been the recipient of numerous awards including a Murphy and Cadogan Fellowship for Film, a Film Arts Foundation Personal Works Grant, and the San Francisco Art Institute's prestigious MFA Film Fellowship, where she is currently pursuing her MFA degree. Woods has produced five short films that have been screened internationally including the Centre International d'Art in France, The Anthology Film Archives in New York, and the Pacific Film Archives in Berkeley. Woods is currently working on three new films, including a feature-length documentary titled Mimita, which follows the lives of a family of women raising their adopted child in Bronx, New York.

*Hail the Failure of Urban Planning (2007), minidv, experimental, 2:07 min.
A possibility of creation and constraint through a visual movement as an urban dweller. Accompanying the visual movement is a text of tenets of urban practice, both sincere and ironic.

Filmmaker Bio: www.giantpixie.com
Kim Khielhofner is an artist living and working in Montreal. She works across the mediums of video, drawing, installation, and sound. She has produced over 30 art book editions and exhibited across Europe and North America.

*Go Global 2007, minidv, experimental/doc, 5:45 min.
What happens when consumerism starts close to home and travels over distant lands only to come back to haunt us?

Filmmaker Bio: www.rpi.edu/~milleb
Branda Miller is an Artist, educator and activist who has been working with independent media since the 1970s. Her experimentation with media arts is integrally linked with community organizing. In her collaborative work with groups around the country, Miller involves participants in varied aspects of production so they take control of their own representation. The tapes produced in her youth empowerment workshops focus on issues such as teenage pregnancy, dropping out, crime, prison, drugs, and AIDS, offering a realistic yet upbeat treatment of what growing up in America is like today. Over the past 20 years, Branda has developed a portfolio of intriguing, award-winning works, examining topics in areas such as environmentalism, consumerism, social behavior and cyber culture.

*She used to see him most weekends, 2007, experimental., 4:07 min.
A short story about growing up, a certain love song, and the apocryphal memories of childhood. Simple animations create a picture book whose story is scrambled by time and loss.

Filmmaker Bio: www.p-lane.com
Penny Lane is an independent filmmaker and video artist living in western Massachusetts. Her collaborative and solo experimental, narrative and documentary videos have screened at AFI FEST, Int'l Film Festival Rotterdam, San Francisco Int'l Film Festival, Seattle Int'l Film Festival, Women in the Director's Chair, Santa Fe Art Institute, MOMA, and DUMBO Art Under the Bridge. Her award-winning documentaries The Abortion Diaries and Independent Media in a Time of War (the latter made with Hudson-Mohawk Indymedia) are regularly screened in classrooms, community centers and microcinemas across the U.S. and internationally on Free Speech TV. The Abortion Diaries has screened in 37 states at over 170 different community venues, ranging from bars to art centers to clinics to colleges. She earned her MFA in Integrated Electronic Arts at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and her BA in American Culture at Vassar College. Currently she is a visiting assistant professor of video and new media at Hampshire College and is working on an experimental documentary about a Depression-era madam with support from the LEF Moving Images Fund and the Experimental Television Center. And yes, that is her real name.

*Consciousness, Understanding 'N Trust (2005), minidv, experimental, 5:50 min.
Ventriloquism, lip-syncing, and appropriation all play subversive roles in the post-feminist retro-spoof, Consciousness, Understanding 'N Trust. In it, Oriana Fox plays a quirky cast of characters including Betty Crocker brunettes, soap opera blonds, and airhead redheads, as they become aware of their collective subjugation as women. The consciousness raising dialogue comes from varied sources ranging from Laura Cottingham's feminist documentary Not For Sale to 60s musical Bye Bye Birdie.

Filmmaker Bio: www.orianafox.com
Oriana Fox was born in New York in 1978, she currently lives and works in London. She received a BFA in Painting from Washington University in St. Louis in 2000 and went on to earn her MFA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College in London in 2003.Since graduating she has shown her work in galleries and film festivals throughout the UK and US including the Tate Modern and Photo Miami. She received an award for Best Experimental Video Art at the Short Ends World Film Festival held at the ICA in London. Currently, Fox works primarily in video, using lip-syncing and appropriation to tackle subjects such as the self-representation of feminist artists and TV's roles as mythmaker.

*Wee Dark Hours 2006, animation, 1:52 min.
A stop motion animation about a mother's love, a singing moon and
stars and the magic of being born. Short and sweet and made with felt!

Filmmaker Bio: www.meerkatmedia.org and www.growingchefs.blogspot.com
Annie Novak & Alexis Powell are both member of the Meerkat Media Collective. Annie Novak is an artist, farmer, and adventurer who is teaching folks across the globe the importance of local farming and a field-to-fork philosophy. Alexis Powell is a member of the Meerkat Media Collective, an arts collective dedicated to non-hierarchical art-making, and is also a member of the band festival. Together they are superheroes.