The Spring '06 Archives: Episode Three aired June 7th 2006

Eye Am: Women Behind the Lens a monthly show that highlights women's memoir film and women's exploration of the Self from behind their cameras.

Airing on MNN from 8-9 pm on Time Warner #34/RCN #83 (in Manhattan), and WORLDWIDE at www.mnn.org (just click on the #34 icon during the time of the broadcast.)


Certain Things:
Anxiety and disorientation increase as technology is used to fine-tune personality. The gulf widens between a mother and daughter struggling to understand medicated female identity.

Filmmaker Biography
: Anna Van Someren began making videotapes as a student at Colgate University and earned her M.F.A. in Video Art from Massachusetts College of Art in 1998. She creates visually stunning and intensely felt video spaces, often combining bits of recorded personal life with found images from scientific and medical footage. Her work is concerned with the dynamics between physical and mental health, and the vague boundaries between the two. Her tapes have shown in festivals in North America and Europe, including the New York Video Festival and Bandits-Mages Audio-Visual Festival. She currently lives in Boston where she teaches video production to teens. She has taught at Massachusetts College of Art and Williams College.

All Mine Carry With-
The filmmaker inter-cuts home movie footage shot in Russia when she was a child with the rehearsals of Chekhov's "The Seagull," that was staged in East Village by Slava Stepnov. Working on this production in New York made the filmmaker remember her childhood, re-cognize herself in Chekhov's protagonist and reflect on the fate of many who choose to leave behind the comfort of predictability, templets, traditions of their homeland and come to the Big Apple to become co-authors of their fate. It combines Video, super-8 mm, and 16mm film.

Filmmaker Biography:
Russian born, Irina Patkanian is an experimental filmmaker who lives and works in New York City. Patkanian’s films and videos have been shown at various festivals and at the Tenement Museum in New York City. Patkanian is the founder and the president of a non-for-profit film and theater company “In Parentheses”. Most recently Patkanian wrote/directed and produced a documentary "My American Neighbor" about the perception of America from the other side of he Atlantic and a digital short “Second Egyptian”, based on a novella by Marina Palei. Irina Patkanian is a professor of Media Production at Brooklyn College/CUNY.

The Hours After the Fight with Myself:
In this video, the artist uses the symbolic visual language of a corner along with natural video deterioration to convey her struggle to find clarity and express her inner voice.

Filmmaker Biography:
Courtney Rile is an international video artist and curator living and working in Syracuse, NY. She has shown her video art extensively in Syracuse and recently at Swarm Gallery in London, UK and as part of Zemos98 in Sevilla, Spain. In 2005, she curated"Videohm," an international moving imagery videoprogram at an upscale downtown lounge in Syracuse. Rile graduated from Syracuse University with a B.F.A. in Art Video and currently works at Delavan Art Gallery in Syracuse.

Other Tongue:
When Vera Szeto, an American-born Chinese, and Corgan Long, a Chinese-raised Caucasian, fall in love, tensions rise as Vera’s traditional Chinese mother disapproves of their relationship. What starts as a typical mother-daughter dispute culminates into a question of what it means to be authentically “Chinese” and “American.” Can you replace your mother tongue with an“other tongue”?

Filmmaker Biography:
A native of New York City, Win-Sie Tow holds a B.S. in Radio/TV/Film and a minor in Asian American Studies from Northwestern University. She has worked for the IFP Market, the Hamptons International Film Festival, and was a production assistant on Michael Hoffman’s Game 6 and Martin Scorsese’s The Departed. Other Tongue was her senior thesis film and is scheduled to air on New Screen Television and the Manhattan Neighborhood Network. She currently works for the Tribeca Film Festival.

This self-portrait, employs the metaphor of a being a superhero to ponder the artist’s identity and who she would like to be along with larger issues about our purpose and nature as humans.

Filmmaker Biography:
Video is the culmination of Anne Catherine’s lifelong interest in storytelling. Her background in dance and musical theatre has led her to improvisation and video, where she has become the storyteller, rather than the instrument through which the story is told. Anne Catherine has been making her own video work for the past few years and has recently begun studying media arts at Hunter College. Several of her recent works have been exhibited including Soundtrack, which was included in the Integrated Media Arts Spring Show at Hunter College in May 2004, and Cadillac Man, a video portrait, which was selected for showing at the 2005 CUNY Arts Festival. Her self-portrait, Superhero, was also recent screened at the CUNY Docworks Festival in March 2006.

Sylvia & Iga:
During one summer day at the lake, two girlfriends encounter a moment of infatuation that tests both their relationship and illusions. From now on nothing will be as it was imagined...Inspired by a short story from Sylvia Plath.

Filmmaker Biography: Natalia Surmiak
- Born in 1978, in Poland. In 2002, graduated from Jagiellonian University in Cracow with M.A. in Film Studies. In 2005 completed TV and Film Directing at Krzysztof Kieslowski Radio + TV Dept of University of Silesia. In 2004, together with 4 other young directors, made a debut as director for Polish National TV, with SCENES FROM WARSAW UPRISING.