Eye Am: Women Behind the Lens presents...Not AnOther's Fantasy

~ Women exploring the Self through fact, fantasy, and fiction.

Join us on Tuesday, June 5th 7pm @ The Two Boots Pioneer Theater (free pizza & beer reception to follow)

www.twoboots.com/pioneer for tickets! (advance tickets recommended)

featuring film, video, animation by:

~Anna van Someren
Certain Things- Anxiety and disorientation increase as technology is used to fine-tune personality. The gulf widens between a mother and daughter struggling to understand medicated female identity.

~Lili White
Treasure- My place is your place... — I was here. Hoover Dam, located outside Las Vegas Nevada, was developed to supply hydroelectricity for Arizona, Nevada and California, including the city of Los Angeles, and its surrounding areas. Dam projects in the American West disrupted the communal life of Native Americans and other peoples by forcing dislocation upon families who knew no other way of life. Destruction of their land and submersion of ancient rock art carvings of religious and archeological interest are also by-products of these ventures. The character in TREASURE builds a new city while searching for water by the seaside. Eerie sound and composite images of Hoover Dam, Las Vegas Nevada, and defunct water springs with Indian petroglyphs present an ominous mood.

~Naomi White
Daily Practice- Through the repetition of various everyday routines, we create images of ourselves. In the four vignettes (#4 screened tonight) that comprise Daily Practice, the filmmaker employs video to explore issues of balance—the earnest and healthy desires for growth versus rituals that perhaps go too far, and instead consume our identities. Does 'practice' improve who we are, or diminish our reality and sense of self? When do repetition and imitation become obsession, and how do we gauge when a practice that may have once been beneficial has become destructive? By depicting different aspects of ritual /obsession this work investigates how the need to change ourselves can elevate ordinary practices into transformative spells in the drive to become something 'more.'

~Oriana Fox
Consciousness, Understanding 'N Trust- Ventriloquism, lip-syncing, and appropriation all play subversive roles in the post-feminist retro-spoof, Consciousness, Understanding 'N Trust. In it, Oriana Fox plays a quirky cast of characters including Betty Crocker brunettes, soap opera blonds, and airhead redheads, as they become aware of their collective subjugation as women. The consciousness raising dialogue comes from varied sources ranging from Laura Cottingham's feminist documentary Not For Sale to 60s musical Bye Bye Birdie.

~Pavitra Chalam
Anamika- A reconstruction of the story of a young Devadasi brought to New York. The filmmaker's access to her has been limited. We don’t know of her pain, happiness or her loss. This much we do know, she has been taken to a foreign land to continue an ancient tradition. The film is a quest is to raise questions about different women and the different paths they choose to follow.

~Natalia Surniak
Sylvia & Iga- During one summer day at the lake, two girlfriends encounter a moment of infatuation that tests both their relationship and illusions. From now on nothing will be as it was imagined... Inspired by a short story from Sylvia Plath.

~Irina Patkamian
All Mine Carry With- The filmmaker inter-cuts home movie footage shot in Russia when she was a child with the rehearsals of Chekhov's "The Seagull," that was staged in East Village by Slava Stepnov. Working on this production in New York made the filmmaker remember her childhood, re-cognize herself in Chekhov's protagonist and reflect on the fate of many who choose to leave behind the comfort of predictability, templets, traditions of their homeland and come to the Big Apple to become co-authors of their fate. It combines Video, super-8 mm, and 16mm film.

~Kristi Ryba
The Fairy Tale of Everyday Life- Intertwining embedded messages from fairy tales to popular culture with the reality of daily life, this fairy tale depicts the life of many women, including marriage, birth, death and the continuation of the myth. Based on personal experience this video addresses the idea of how we internalize embedded cultural messages and also attempts to question and draw attention to the value of what has been commonly recognized as women's work and the domestic sphere.

~Vanessa Woods
The Touch- A meditation on Anne Sexton’s poem of the same name. The film examines melodies within spoken, written and visual language and how they can interact. By juxtaposing text, image and sound, the viewer is asked to contemplate disparate forms of human response and emotion regarding language and imagery. In The Touch, the text from the poem is first given life through single-frame animation, then layered audio recording and finally through animated visuals that reinterpret it. Language and image investigate feelings of disembodiment, isolation and absence punctuated by sound and silence. Because the subject of the poem deals specifically with the idea of touch, the film sustains a highly tactile, textural quality wherein the filmmaker’s hand is overtly present.

~Lani Sciandra
Moon of Honey-
a day in the field
the microcosm of marriage
cloud and sunshine
and flow
tea and pee and sympathy
seeds to sow.
A girl
a boy
growing pain
growing joy

~Maya Weimer
Rendez-Vous- More than 200,000 Koreans have been adopted internationally. Thousands of these adoptees return to Korea every year to search for biological kin. This is one woman's experience of meeting her birth mother. Conflating the story of familial reunion with the trajectory of an illicit affair, Rendez-vous presents an intimate glimpse into a widespread transnational phenomenon.

& Sneak Previews from next season with pieces by
*Devorah Hill and Annie Novak & Alexis Powell of the Meerkat Media Collective!!! www.meerkatmedia.org


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