April 14th Eye Am Screening @ Anthology Film Archives

April 14th - 'Night of Women's Film' @ Anthology
This program will air as Episode 20 on MNN.org on Sunday May 3rd 2009

Eye Am: Women Behind the Lens
A cable tv series and traveling festival showcasing women's memoir spanning across all genres of film and video.
Tonight's short films feature women confronting their identity and the notion of Other.
Featuring films by Sarah Klein, Ruth Hererra, Zulma Aguiar, Oriana Fox, & Diana Arce.
EA airs @ 9:30-10:30pm the 1st Sunday of the month on:
Manhattan Neighborhood Network
Time Warner #34/ RCN #82 (in Manhattan)& Streaming Live Online at www.mnn.org (Worldwide)

7:00pm -
Death Jewel (Film and) Video curated by EE Miller
A cross-genre program of shorts featuring film and video gems which respond to death
with reflections on mortality, intimate and communal loss, human ritual, and violence.

Where is There Room? Sonali Gulati, Antonio Paez, & Byron Karabatsos (16mm to video, 2003)
What I Love About Dying Silas Howard (video, 2006)
Brighter Death Now Jennifer MacDonald (hand drawn animation, 2002)
Violet Akiko Hatakeyama (video, 2008)
Chapter 22 (The Odyssey) Eileen Myles (video, 2007)
Strange Miss Otis Kara Lynch (video)
The Moon’s Pyramid Venus Sobranes (super 8, 2003)
The Sky Will Save Us? Miatta Kawinzi (video, 2008)
I Remember Now, We Never Danced, I Miss You, Goodbye. Diane Bonder (16mm, 2006)

8:00pm -
Bernice Perry: Queen of Sinatraland (2008, 17 minutes)
Bernice Perry is an 83 year-old songwriter who has been producing her own public access television show for 37 years. Her life and work, inspired by Frank Sinatra has a haunting quality that forces us to ask questions about definitions of celebrity, nostalgia, and reality.
Film by Victoria Kereszi

SITTIN' ON A MILLION (2008, 26 minutes) presents these stories in all their contradictory glory, alongside vintage erotica, reenactments, and street performances asks us to consider the role of memory and imagination in creating history, and reminds us about all those ordinary, extraordinary people erased from the official record.
Film by Penny Lane & Annmarie Lanesey

Victoria Kereszi is a photographer, filmmaker, curator, and media educator. Her video and photo portraiture explores the ways women living on the margins of society take control of their own representation.
EE Miller is an interdisciplinary conversationalist who makes video,
radio, and installation. Her current broadcasts, DEATH JEWEL RADIO, invite guests to consider funeral arts and utopia with music, sound arts and storytelling.