January 12, 2011 EYE:AM presents ANOTHER EXPERIMENT by WOMEN at Anthology Film Archives

at Anthology Film Archives
curated by Lili White
PROGRAM 1- January 12, 2011 at 7PM
HER WORLD; Tova Beck-Friedman; 16.30; Digi; English & Hebrew with English subtitles
She was an enigma -- a Jewish immigrant from Eastern Europe who arrived on U.S shores on the eve of the Great Depression. Employing a mix of home movies and Hollywood’s Golden Era clips, HER WORLD portrays a woman caught between an Old World and a new country, between reality, glamour and seduction.

SOMETHING STILL EXISTS; Ann Gusewelle; 6.00; Super 8/digi
Home movies “Your memory is a monster; you forget - it doesn't. It simply files things away.
It keeps things for you, or hides things from you, and summons them to your recall with a will of it's own. You think you have a memory, but it has you.” –John Irving

TO GO TO WORK AGAIN; Chloe Smolarski-Heims; 7.15; digi
An associative piece, exploring labor exploitation in the United States. A medley of audio and visual threads collocating gluttony and hardship. Lisa Lozano’s performance takes place at a society party where guests feast from a vat of honey enveloping the nude performer. The party, a symbol of excess is sharply interrupted by Nancy Mata’s verbal account of her family’s migration from Mexico to California. Mundane, labor motifs - a doorman who opens doors, the repeated scrubbing of a floor being sullied – punctuate the film, rhythmically.

ROGHIEH; Alysse Stepanian; 5:30; hdv ; http://alyssestepanian.com
After the Iranian Revolution of 1979, the filmmaker moved to the US. This video is based on her early dream journal. “Roghieh” paints a surreal picture of the early stages of the Revolution, when it empowered the underprivileged, who had a significant role in the overthrow of an elitist regime. A cleaning lady’s broom becomes a weapon symbolizing newly found strength. She jumps into the Revolution from the wall-less bedroom of a young girl caught in the middle of great social changes and role reversals.

PICTURE DAY: FLIP SIDE (short version); Hey Yeun Jang; 4.00; digi
The idea of the PICTURE DAY: FLIP SIDE started from my experience as a mom volunteering for Picture Day at my daughter’s elementary school. “Say cheese”, “No, no. Say money”. Each kid’s series of strained smiles and uneasy gazes, his/her endeavor to understand the directions given to him/her, all for the formal proof of happiness…. What I observed there led me to set my camera and document the Picture Day of the next year It is PICTURE DAY: FLIP SIDE that portrays how the traditional keepsake of the chronicle happy-face Picture Day photos have been manufactured and fabricated, and in a way it allows for deeper insight into humanity of both the students’ situation and of our own.

FAIR TRADE; Leslie Supnet; (Animation Director & Animator); Editing and sound design: Clint Enns; Music: Doreen Girard, Eric LaRoc, Teeth Mountain, Barn Owl; 4.38; digi
A young woman experiences heavy nostalgic trauma, as she purges herself from the materiality of her past. Fair Trade is a story of one woman's quest for a psychedelic transformation.

DON'T LOOK DIRECTLY INTO THE SUN; Kathy Rugh; 9.00; 16mm
Sunlight is abstracted and accentuated through alchemy. Through a pinhole lens, then hand-processed and toned, this film chases sunlight through its reflections in water and glass and streaming through branches and clouds.

CET AIR LA; Marie Losier; 3.00;16mm
Cet Air la is a famous french song from 1963, sung live by NY singer April March in acapela with Julien Gasc. The couple is singing while flying over a superimposed 16mm projection of a stop motion animation of a series of clouds, birds, bubbles, smoke machines and glitters…the song has the texture of a dream. (Part of Residency Unlimited Project)