July 1st Eye Am Episode 10

SUMMER 2007~

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Episode 10 July 1st @ 9:30pm: The work of Tova Beck Friedman ~

The Portrait of An Artist as an Old(er) Woman
Three octogenarian women artists whose art informs their identity: Margaret K. Johnson, Printmaker; Hannah Eshel, sculptor and Hava Mehutan, sculptor, examine the development of their artistic vision and touch on the subject of age and its effect. Their on-camera interviews are woven together with archival films, home movies and images of their art, to tell the story of life wrapped around art: childhood, art studies, marriage, raising a family, and how those have affected their artistic development. We are given insight into creative energy and vitality that is not hampered by age.

The Altar of Her Memories
At age 17, following her liberation from Bergen-Belsen, Bracha Ghilai came to Israel to start her life over. As part of her healing process she established a puppet theater. Sixty years later, surrounded by her puppets Bracha recalls the dire events of her youth. Through a mix of storytelling, puppetry and archival photographs, we experience the anguish of her narrative while she unlocks chapters from her painful past. Her stories range from the heart wrenching description of her separation from her nephew Nisan, to the powerful and poignant account of incredible power of endurance, survival and the guilt that accompanies, it.

Tova Beck Friedman is an artist working in the mediums of video, photography and sculpture. Her work has been widely exhibited in the US, Israel, Australia, Europe and Japan. Her films have been screened in various places including, The Jerusalem Cinematheque, Israel Television, Channel 10: The Center for Jewish History in New York, Maison de la Culture Plateau Mont-Royal, Montreal, the Athens Film Festival, In Flux Video Art Festival, Thessaloniki, Greece and Cinematic Film, Paris.

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