The Spring '06 Archives: Episode One aired on April 5th 2006

Eye Am: Women Behind the Lens a monthly show that highlights women's memoir film and women's exploration of the Self from behind their cameras.

Airing on MNN from 8-9 pm on Time Warner #34/RCN #83 (in Manhattan), and WORLDWIDE at www.mnn.org (just click on the #34 icon during the time of the broadcast.)


Unearth (Au creux du Monde):
“To be rooted is one of the most important and least recognized needs of the human soul."-Simone Weil "Unearth" retraces my journey back to the 300-inhabitant French village where I grew up. Questioning the reasons why all the young adults of my generation chose to stay there, “Unearth” explores what it takes to re-discover one's place, while revealing how belonging, community and choices might resonate in each of us.

Filmmaker Biography: Delphine Dhilly
is a documentary filmmaker from Champagne, France. After studying Film Theory and French Literature in Paris, she moved to New York to learn Film Production. She received her MFA in Television Production at Brooklyn College in 2004 and lives now in Paris. The short documentaries she directed, The B68, Gloria’s Party, and Unearth, have played at various venues and festivals, and aired on New York and French cable television. She is currently editing her feature-length documentary There’s still a Girl Crying, exploring the emotional and political journeys of four American soldiers’ wives and girlfriends whose husband and partner were recently deployed in Iraq.

This video explores the first hand experiences of thirteen year-old girls transitioning from life in Africa to America. The girls discover what home means to them in a new land.

Filmmaker Biography:
Media educator and filmmaker, Jesse Epstein produced this piece in close collaboration with the youth appearing in the video who were part of the International Refugee Committee's after-school program for girls. Jesse is a documentary filmmaker and youth media educator. Her film WET DREAMS AND FALSE IMAGES, about media manipulation and body image, won a Jury Award for Short Subject at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival, and is being distributed through New Day Films. She is the founder of GSS Productions, a youth video program in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, an instructor for Reel Stories, The Sundance Institute’s Youth Documentary Program, and has worked with youth through the International Rescue Committee.

We Are The Littletons: A true story with forged signatures, the video is about what’s outside the margins of the American Dream, the people and memories that get removed from the family photos and erased from the records. It is also about their persistent struggle to come home, welcome or not. The story of Eve Littleton and her family is told in an experimental docudrama format including video diaries kept by Penny Lane during her stay in the “Littleton Museum;” dramatic reenactments of correspondences between Mrs. Littleton and Penny; documentation of found objects such as letter, diaries and assorted bric-a-brac.

Filmmaker Biography: Penny Lane is an independent filmmaker living in upstate New York . Her collaborative and solo experimental, narrative and documentary work has screened at AFI FEST, Int'l Film Festival Rottersam, San Francisco Int'l Film Festival, Seattle Int'l Film Festival, Women in the Director's Chair, Santa Fe Art Institute, MOMA, and dumbo_art. She is currently earning her MFA in Integrated Electronic Arts at Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute. She is a core producer of the Hudson-Mohawk Independent Media Center, a group dedicated to making journalistic work that challenges the assumptions of the mainstream media. She has also worked extensively with youth at media centers such as Children's Media Project and The Ark, Inc.

NYFI (The Bride): In an emotionally infused montage using archival footage, text and voice-over, the filmmaker compares the premise of contemporary marriage to that of arranged marriage. By juxtaposing her own experience to that of her Greek immigrant grandparents, the piece reflects on the possibility that although we enjoy more freedom today, the same uncertainties about love continue to plague us.

Filmmaker Biography: Alana Kakoyiannis is a filmmaker whose work ranges from interview-based documentary to abstract, image-dominated experimentalism. Her current projects focus on the oral history of New York immigrant communities and romantic love in the context of traditional cultures. Her approach to film is often improvisatory, character driven, and drawn to the idiosyncratic charm of the "local." Recently, Alana was selected to participate in a filmmaking workshop sponsored by the Tribeca Film Institute in Morocco.

11 Houses: This video documents the artist's journey to visit the places she lived as a child and explores the psychological impact of moving.

Filmmaker Biography: Courtney Rile
is an international video artist and curator living and working in Syracuse, NY. She has shown her video art extensively in Syracuse and recently at Swarm Gallery in London, UK and as part of Zemos98 in Sevilla, Spain. In 2005, she curated"Videohm," an international moving imagery videoprogram at an upscale downtown lounge in Syracuse. Rile graduated from Syracuse University with a B.F.A. in Art Video and currently works at Delavan Art Gallery in Syracuse.


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