The Spring '07 Archives: Episode Eight aired on Wednesday April 4th 2007

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Memoir, experimental, documentary film and video made by women around the world. Featuring works by Oriana Fox, Victoria Kereszi, Lani Sciandra, Sally Grizzel Larson, Anne Haydock, Lili White.

Episode Description

Consciousness, Understanding 'N Trust (2005) 5minutes 50seconds

Ventriloquism, lip-syncing, and appropriation all play subversive roles in the post-feminist retro-spoof, Consciousness, Understanding 'N Trust. In it, Oriana Fox plays a quirky cast of characters including Betty Crocker brunettes, soap opera blonds, and airhead redheads, as they become aware of their collective subjugation as women. The consciousness raising dialogue comes from varied sources ranging from Laura Cottingham's feminist documentary Not For Sale to 60s musical Bye Bye Birdie.

Embodiment Workout (2005) 6 minutes 30 seconds

Oriana Fox's new fitness video is not only a sweatily satisfying workout for the body, but it is a sumptuous feast for the eyes. With a head of chestnut curls, Fox, resplendent in scarlet lycra, takes a merry band of followers through their paces in a state-of-the-art studio with a kitcsh retro look. So up beat are the tunes, so dazzling the smiles in this video, that a better body at the end of it seems almost irrelevant. The five exercising goddesses are really one of a kind and there is only one true star of the show.

Filmmaker Bio

Oriana Fox was born in New York in 1978, she currently lives and works in London. She received a BFA in Painting from Washington University in St. Louis in 2000 and went on to earn her MFA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College in London in 2003.Since graduating she has shown her work in galleries and film festivals throughout the UK and US including the Tate Modern and Photo Miami. She received an award for Best Experimental Video Art at the Short Ends World Film Festival held at the ICA in London. Currently, Fox works primarily in video, using lip-syncing and appropriation to tackle subjects such as the self-representation of feminist artists and TV's roles as mythmaker.

Second Hand Rose (2006) 3minutes

Found/amateur 8mm film reels of amateur/found women boxers performing in a motel. Soundtrack by the winner of the 2006 Pocono Idol contest in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.

Filmmaker Bio

Victoria L. Kereszi, is a graduate of New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study with a Master’s degree in Documentary and Women’s Memoir Film. She is currently the Director of Programming at Manhattan Neighborhood Network, New York City’s community access center. She has also taught video production at public schools around New York City using media to address teen issues of sexual health and anti-tobacco campaigns. She has also traveled to Costa Rica and Cuba to work with youth and co-directed, Cuba Beside Us, a video documenting the experiences of Cuban and American youth during the summer of 2002. She currently lives in Brooklyn where she curates Eye Am and makes short video documentaries and collaged animations.

Writer's Block (2006) 2minutes 23seconds

I wood. Therefore I am.

Lookout (2006) 3minutes 30seconds

Please pick up your socks.

Filmmaker Bio

Lani Sciandra~ goodlovingwOMan@yahoo.com

Incidental Melodies

A woman fantasizes about her life through the familiar refrains of desire and possibility, giving in to melodrama, but adamantly refusing an unhappy ending. She reminds us of the fact that when we dream- and in real life- we get to star and direct.

Filmmaker Bio

Sally Grizzell Larson is a visual artist based in Philadelphia. She has traveled extensively all over the world including Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Egypt, China, Hong Kong, Europe, England, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe, as she has had long term stays in Kenya and Ireland from 1987-1988. Her videos have been screened all over the World from New York City and Berkeley to Tokyo. Larson's photographic work has been exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum of Art; Yale University Art Gallery in the US, and at Galleries in Malaga, Spain and Cachan, France. Her work has also been written about in various publications.

A game of dress-up: windows and wallpaper, hawks and moths, olive loaf and tinfoil. The sounds and gestures of the everyday gather to become the pre-articulated vocabulary of desire, anxiety, and basic human needs.

The piece uses rephotography to incorporate elements from a site-specific installation with additional super-8 footage, combining direct animation, timelapse photography, and choreography for the projector with found and foleyed non-sync sound to create a sometimes lyric but often jarring meditation on what it can mean to eat and be eaten.

Filmmaker Bio

Anne Haydock is a M.F.A. candidate in Film & Video Production at the University of Iowa, and has screened at festivals and curated events in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and the U.K. She is interested in housecoats, hybrids, transgendered images of femininity, steganography, and dead and dying mediums. A recent transplant from Philadelphia, she now lives in Iowa City with her large cat, Chairman Meow.


This piece was made without a script or an editing plan. Reflecting what New York stands for: America’s cradle of immigration; the site of the 9/11 Disaster; the platform of a genuine international city it asks “What does it mean to be an artist-immigrant now when the whole world is on the verge of major change?” Three immigrant artists intersect with their own artwork; New York’s cityscapes and White’s performative actions referring to the shared energy fields between them all. Part home-movie, part city-symphony, NY(see) straddles the borders of an autobiographical document and documentary movie-making, imparting the archetype of “the artist”. She is currently in pre-production for her next feature length movie, based on “greed’.

Filmmaker Bio

Lili White has been exhibiting her works in solo and group shows in the United States and abroad since before moving to New York. In Philadelphia she received at B.F.A. from the University of Pennsylvania and graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts with a four-year painting certificate. Her interest in the moving image and multimedia, lead her to perform, write, produce, direct several live multi-media pieces, each of which included the performance participation of over a dozen actors, poets and dancers. Upon the introduction of computer digital editing programs, she made several videos, that featured her gestural performances as well as others that were based upon poetry and documentary subjects. These are often seen as a continuation of her earlier Super 8 film work and lead to screenings at numerous cultural centers, including the American Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, the Museum of American Art in Philadelphia and The Newhouse Center in Staten Island, New York.


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