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Memoir, experimental, documentary film and video made by women around the world. Featuring works by Ellen Lake, Dina Williams, Oriana Fox, Sarah Klein, Jennifer Beth Guerin, Lora Alaniz, Caroline Koebel, Cara Marisa Deleon, Lili White, & Elizabeth Henry.

Episode Description

Ann's Hoard (2003) 7minutes 30seconds

Confessions of a hoarder. Ann collects vases the way Imleda Marcus collects shoes. This short documentary explores the compulsion to collect, keep, and hold onto things that others may have long discarded. In Ann's case, she collects vases, covered glass dishes, hats, wigs, clothes, and loads of junk jewelry from eBay. She stashes these purchases in her garage, attic, under beds, and in closets.

Filmmaker Bio

Ellen Lake received her MFA in Mills College in Oakland, California in 2002, where she studied sculpture, film and video, and installation. She is currently working on a series of experimental documentaries about collecting. She is the recipient of Bay Area Video Coalition's 2005 Mediamaker Award. Lakes' work has screened in the Bay Area, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and New York City.

Domesticated Home

The Domesticated Home holds up a mirror to the gendered practice of domestic labor. Inspired by the proliferation of gender-specific, fetishized, idealized home-improvement and decorating magazines and TV shows, the arts examined the gender roles and spaces of the home: the man as master of the exterior domain; the woman as gentle mistress of the home's interior.

Filmmaker Bio

Dina Williams is a multimedia artist and educator, working primarily in photography, web and video. She has worked with youth and adults in several schools, arts centers and afterschool programs including the Ark, Inc. and The Arts Center for the Capital Region. Williams is a member of the Hudson-Mohawk Indy Media Center video collective. She has worked in production, post-production and graphic design on projects such as “Voices Against War: F15 NYC” and “Ararat in Troy: A Celebration of Armenian Culture”. Williams is a 2002 recipient of a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Electronic Arts from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY.

3 into 1 (2004) 6minutes 30seconds

The most self-referential work Oriana Fox has made, she interviewed her parents, her mother, father and stepmother, asking them to speak about her, her personality and their relationships to one another. In the video, Fox acts as them, wearing their clothes, mimicking their gestures, and sitting in their respective homes. Most importantly, she lip-syncs their words as they describe her both with candor and humor. Switching roles between the three, Fox attempts to find the truth of the self, ending up in an almost hysterical flipping between them.

Filmmaker Bio

Oriana Fox was born in New York in 1978, she currently lives and works in London. She received a BFA in Painting from Washington University in St. Louis in 2000 and went on to earn her MFA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College in London in 2003.Since graduating she has shown her work in galleries and film festivals throughout the UK and US including the Tate Modern and Photo Miami. She received an award for Best Experimental Video Art at the Short Ends World Film Festival held at the ICA in London. Currently, Fox works primarily in video, using lip-syncing and appropriation to tackle subjects such as the self-representation of feminist artists and TV's roles as mythmaker.

Escape Episode (2003) 8minutes
During a trip to meet the past in Fallon Nevada, a grandmother and granddaughter, find their destination is similar but their reality is decidedly different.

Filmmaker Bio

Sarah Klein is interested in the contrast between the domestic world and the public world. In her videos, drawings, and performances she explores the conducts and codes that define these two realms. Sarah has exhibited her work across the US and around the globe in galleries, museums, on television and in film festivals. Klein received her BA and MFA from Mills College in Oakland, California. Klein has screened her work all over California, New York City, Spain, and Germany.

Bed Ballet (2005)
Bed Ballet is a collaborative video exploring notions of the everyday (beds and bodies). Through a lens of enchantment, it evokes a feeling of connection and play, while simultaneously suggesting birth, death, intimacy, loss, and grief. Ultimately, the Bed Ballet offers a stage for women to relate, to be seen, hopefully hinting at ways that other women can create environments in which to celebrate themselves and others.

Filmmaker Bio

Jennifer Beth Guerin received a Master of Fine Arts in New Genre at the University of Arizona (May 2004). Her emphasis includes video production, installation, and performance. She received her BFA in Studio Art (Dec. 2000) from the University of Texas at Austin. Her teaching experience includes private, public and alternative educational settings, serving students of all ages. She has participated in exhibitions throughout the United States. Internationally, her work has been shown in Albania, Argentina, Canada, China, England, Germany, India, and Slovenia. Resides in Austin, Texas where she is a working artist and is conducting sculptural research by fabricating custom mattresses with her father.

Music Composition and Sound Editor:
Lora Alaniz, a Mexican-American native of South Texas, received her BFA from the University of Arizona (2000). Her work has been exhibited recently at PlaySpace in San Francisco, Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theater in New York, Prenelle Gallery in London, and Arroyo Arts Collective in Los Angeles. She received a grant from the Tucson/Pima Arts Council for her work in the Arizona Biennial ‘05 at the Tucson Museum of Art, curated by Siri Engberg from the Walker Art Center. In December of 2005 she was invited to be in the group show She Objects, curated by Simon Donovan at the Conrad Wilde Gallery in Tucson. Lora has also been in numerous video screenings and film festivals internationally, is a founding member of the all women Plugged Video Art Collective, and is currently a working artist in Austin, Texas.

Single (2006) 3minutes 16seconds

A short experimental nursery rhyme explores possession and loss.

Filmmaker Bio

Cara Marisa Deleon received her MA in film studies from the University of Iowa and her MFA in film production from Savannah College of Art and Design. She is an experimental artist who explores the body, women and ideology within time-based media. Her work has been shown throughout North America and Europe. She currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and is an Assistant Professor of Film and Video and Johnson C. Smith University.

Hole or Space (2006) 3minutes 23seconds
Pricks, gaps, dots, openings, hole or space takes its cue from contortionists of the early screen in spiraling out from conceptions of the body as whole. The film is based entirely on archival material: Luis Martinetti, Contortionist (Edison Manufacturing Company, 1894)
Crissie Sheridan Serpentine Dance (Edison, 1897), Ballet Mécanique (Fernand Léger & Dudley Murphy, 1924)/An Optical Poem (Oskar Fischinger, 1938)/Tarantella (Mary E. Bute & Ted Nemeth, 1940)

Filmmaker Bio

Through an expanded arts and cultural practice infused by experimental film, Caroline Koebel problem solves relations of form and content anew in each project with the intent to create participatory audienceship. In addition to single-channel cinema, she uses film and digital video as key components of installation and performance. Transmissions of conceptual art, feminist film and literary theory, and punk d.i.y. ethos guide Koebel in work that embraces pleasure and desire as tactics to corrupt commodity culture, authoritarianism, and the endangerment of subjective experience. For a handful of years, the global movement for progressive social change has inspired her to place greater focus on questions of political agency, while continuing to examine how individual artworks are themselves agents of power. Drawing breath from pioneers such as Germaine Dulac and Maya Deren, Koebel situates writing and curating firmly within her creative practice. She holds a BA in Film Studies from UC Berkeley and an MFA in Visual Arts from UCSD, and teaches in the Department of Media Study at the University at Buffalo.

Departure (2003) 10minutes 20seconds

DEPARTURE (definition):
a departing; going away; leaving
a starting out, as on a trip or new course of action: as, political action is a new departure for labor.a deviation or turning aside (from something.)
[archaic] death. in nautical usage,
a) the distance of a ship due east or west from the meridian of its starting point.
b) a ship’s position in latitude and longitude at the start of a voyage from which the dead reckoning is begun.

Departure’s visual and conceptual foundation is rooted in the four Chinese characters for “to depart” and was inspired by the myriad meanings that define the word “departure.” Filmmaker

Filmmaker Bio

Lili White has been exhibiting her works in solo and group shows in the United States and abroad since before moving to New York. In Philadelphia she received at B.F.A. from the University of Pennsylvania and graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts with a four-year painting certificate. Her interest in the moving image and multimedia, lead her to perform, write, produce, direct several live multi-media pieces, each of which included the performance participation of over a dozen actors, poets and dancers. Upon the introduction of computer digital editing programs, she made several videos, that featured her gestural performances as well as others that were based upon poetry and documentary subjects. These are often seen as a continuation of her earlier Super 8 film work and lead to screenings at numerous cultural centers, including the American Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, the Museum of American Art in Philadelphia and The Newhouse Center in Staten Island, New York.

Through the Trackless Waters
Ecology of Film meets ecology of mind meets ecology of earth. Or vice-versa.

Filmmaker Bio

Elizabeth Henry has been working in film for the past ten years as a filmmaker, cinematographer, writer and editor. She is a film professor at the University of Denver and is currently on leave to teach film at Eastern Oregon University. Elizabeth's previous films have appeared in over forty different film festivals around the country.


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